1991 Time Capsule

Jason and Mickey set the time circuits to 1991 and create a time capsule from our personal lives, world events, music, movies, video games, food, sports, and TV.

TRN Machine travels back to 1991 with Jason and Mickey creating a time capsule. We talk about what was happening in our lives, world events, music, movies, video games, food, sports, and TV. After each category, we throw an item in the time capsule for preservation.

Also, join us for After Hours on Patreon every Tuesday night! This week, Jason and Mickey continue the 1991 time capsule with the world of comics and Marvel's "Cool-o-meter" published in October 1991. It's a fun list of what Marvel thought was cool and uncool at the time. Plus, you'll get a little update from Mickey in the wake of his return to podcasting. Patreon VIPs at the $2 level get access to our fun retro community in the VIP Lounge on Slack. VIPs at the $5 level unlock everything including After Hours and access to the VIP Vault containing the complete TRN Time Machine audio library and exclusive audio podcasts.

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