Retro Rumble: Round 8

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Let's get ready to rumble...again! Jason and Mickey play Round 8 of Retro Rumble which pits pop culture icons against each other.

Brought to you this week by Tommy and the Order of Cosmic Champions, a new novel inspired by the cartoons and toys of the 1980s. Visit the website and signup for updates on the release date (expected in the Fall of 2022), watch the teaser trailer, listen to the official theme song by Stan Bush, and read the free mini comic!

TRN Time Machine time jumps across many years this week as Jason and Mickey get ready to rumble yet again! Using suggestions from our listeners, VIPs, TRN staff and our own, the hosts once again choose between two retro items in Retro Rumble: Round 8. Some battles that come up this week include some New Year's related matchups like Resolutions vs. No Resolutions and Sugar Bowl vs. Rose Bowl. Some other random matchups include Barq's vs A&W root beer, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors vs. M.A.S.K., Raiders of the Lost Ark vs. The Last Crusade, and MTV vs. VH1. Join us for another fantastic round of pop culture battles and be sure to submit your matchups to @TRNsocial on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Also, join us for After Hours on Patreon every Monday night at 6pm EST! This week on After Hours, What Have You Been Watching makes a comeback as Jason recently resubscribed to Netflix. The hosts discuss Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Game Over, Cobra Kai, and more. You'll also hear more about the movies they received for Christmas and how Mickey schedules to watch movies now. Patreon VIPs at the $5 level unlock everything including After Hours and access to the VIP Vault containing the complete TRN Time Machine audio library and exclusive podcasts.

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Retro Rumble: Round 8
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