Monday Night Wars

Jason and Mickey travel back to the mid '90s to discuss some favorite moments during pro wrestling's Monday Night Wars.

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TRN Time Machine is traveling back to the mid '90s in this episode during to relive the heated Monday Night Wars of pro wrestling! Mickey and Jason come up with five moments each that defined the era of factions, surprises, and packed arenas. Included are some unique venues for WCW Nitro, comedic moments on WWF Raw, and a couple electrifying crowds that cheered wrestling's biggest icons of the time.

Also, join us for After Hours on Patreon every Tuesday night! This week, Jason and Mickey continue the wrestling theme with Mickey's thoughts on the WWE Network moving to Peacock and a couple bad gimmick wrestlers. Jason also shares his first experience with the Breakfast Baconator at Wendy's and his anticipation for Retro Con 2021. Patreon VIPs at the $5 level unlock everything including After Hours and access to the VIP Vault containing the complete TRN Time Machine audio library and exclusive podcasts.

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