FREE PREVIEW! After Hours: Trading Cards and High School Stories

Enjoy this FREE PREVIEW of the exclusive After Hours show that is usually reserved for our VIPs. In this episode, Jason and Mickey discuss trading cards and tell a few High School Stories.

It's FREE PREVIEW week for After Hours! Jason and Mickey are giving all of our listeners a chance to experience our weekly After Hours show which is typically released Tuesday nights for our VIPs. Instead, this week's show is being uploaded to the public TRN Time Machine feed so you can experience the irreverent and sometime explicit nature of the show.

This week, Jason and Mickey talk trading cards and how their value has sky-rocketed in recent months. Jason also reveals a big secret from his early '90s collecting days. We also begin the new High School Stories series featuring stories from our high school years in the '90s. Mickey kicks things off with a couple memories from the computer lab.

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