FREE PREVIEW: After Hours - Mickey Watches The Matrix

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Mickey finally watches The Matrix and shares his thoughts as a part of this week's movie challenge.

It's FREE PREVIEW week for After Hours! Jason and Mickey are giving all of our TRN Time Machine listeners a chance to experience our weekly After Hours show which is typically released Monday nights at 6pm for our VIPs on Patreon. Instead, this week's show is being uploaded to the public TRN Time Machine feed so you can experience the laid-back and free flowing nature of the podcast.

To lead off this week's After Hours, Mickey announces the Top 20 television series finales as a tie in from our Retro Rumble matchup. Then... FINALLY! After Jason has hounded him for two years to watch The Matrix, Mickey uses the Weekly Movie Challenge featuring 90s films to finally watch it! Listen to get his thoughts on the movie and all the other movie reviews submitted by listeners and TRN staff.

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FREE PREVIEW: After Hours - Mickey Watches The Matrix
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