The Retro Network (TRN) Time machine is your vehicle to the past! Let Jason and Mickey transport you back to the time of Saturday Morning cartoons and Sears Catalogs. Back when fast food came in styrofoam containers and the mall was the only place to shop. The time circuits are set so let the journey begin!

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Foods We Miss

In this episode, Jason and Mickey choose five food items each that they'd like to see return. Included are fast foods, snacks, candy, drinks, cereal and more!

1996 Movies

Jason and Mickey travel back to 1996 in this episode to pick their Top 5 movies of the year.

Fictional Football Draft

Jason and Mickey time jump this week, selecting five football players from movies and television in a Fictional Football Draft.

Quiz Show 3

Jason and Mickey time jump this week by playing another round of Quiz Show.

He-man and the MOTU Magazine

Jason and Mickey travel back to 1985 to flip through an issue of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine.

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